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While some of us are born with the organizational trait, others need a little more help in that area. Staying organized can seem like a never-ending task when you’re trying to manage your personal life as well as your professional life. All of the sudden, emails start popping up, papers get piled up onto your desk, and you have calls and meetings to schedule, not to mention the other items going on in your home and family life.

The more chaotic your workspace becomes, the harder it is to get things checked off of your to-do list. Try these tips for staying organized when you feel like you’re drowning in your busy schedule.

Write it Down

Organized people always write things down. Writing helps our brain to remember things, not to mention you have that information to go back to later if you forget the details.

Make a To-Do List

Create a to-do list of all the items you need to accomplish. Try to keep a notebook on you so that you have it whenever you need to write something down. Writing down items that need to get done can ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Prioritize Your Inbox

There are flagging systems you can use in your email inbox to notify you of any items that I need to follow up on. Each day, multiple times a day, review those flagged items to see if action items have been met, and who you need to follow up on to keep things moving. You can also use a color-coding system to label items according to priority.

Finish One Task Before Moving On to the Next

Most of us are moving between several different tasks each day, so it can be hard to know exactly what we accomplished when the day ends. Try following your to-do list and finishing tasks all the way through to avoid feeling chaotic at the end of the day.

Keep Your Calendar Updated

Use an online calendar to schedule all of your personal and professional items. It’s best to use a separate calendar for work and a separate calendar for personal items, in order to keep things private and stay organized. If you keep your calendar up to date, it’s easy to tell what your day is going to be like at-a-glance. Also, an up-to-date calendar means it’s easier to schedule other items when you need to.

Use a Paperwork System

Sure, a lot of us these days do our work digitally, but there are some projects that require paperwork. To keep track of this important paperwork, make sure you have a system that allows you to separate items into clearly labeled trays or folders. That way you can find what you need when you need it!

Break Up Larger Tasks

Sometimes it can seem difficult to start a task just because of its sizes, but I usually find that starting the task is half the battle. If you’re facing an intimidating project or task, break it into smaller, manageable pieces so it’s easier to digest.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Organizing your space can help you feel more productive. De-clutter your space and get rid of what you don’t want or need anymore. A clean and organized space can make you even more productive!

A Home for Every Item

In the spirit of keeping your space neat and organized in order to improve your efficiency, make sure you have a designated spot for each item. This not only keeps your space tidy, but it allows you to find items easily when you need them.


This is one of my favorite tools! As I mentioned in the previous tips, color-coding things like emails and calendar events can help you quickly decipher the difference between items at-a-glance. It may take a few minutes to set this up, but once you have a system going, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Good Habits Can Help You Take Control

Organizing your workspace may seem like a daunting task, but even just these simple tips can make a big difference. Practice good habits like these to stay organized and take control of your life!

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