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Reimagining the glass floor industry

GBA Products partnered with advancreative to push past the competition and secure the #2 spot in the glass flooring industry. 2023 campaigns are focused on gaining the #1 spot as the industry leader.


At the end of 2021, the GBA marketing team reached out to advancreative.  Their current marketing agency was running on autopilot, lacked innovation, and was not getting them where they wanted to go.  When they started their engagement with advancreative, they set an aggressive goal to double their sales pipeline in 2022.  With the help of advancreative, they earned the top 3 spots on Google for their top phrases and hit their sales goal in just 8 months.

Website design

A big boost in GBA’s brand presence was a redesign of their HubSpot site.  This was a team effort in that advancreative designed the look, developed HubSpot templates that were easy for GBA’s staff to implement throughout the site.  The design incorporated a clean, fresh look, and larger images that showcased their products.  Also, this was the first site that ADVAN incorporated a new process of gradual redesign so that SEO rankings were not impacted at all.

SEO results

An aggressive SEO strategy to identify and achieve top rankings was launched at the beginning of 2021. GBA’s staff assisted in content expansion throughout the site and advancreative’s SEO team optimized and pushed the rankings of the new content.  It worked like magic.  Within 12 months, they went from a handful of top 3 rankings to 155 and over 60 #1 spots on Google.  Their ecommerce site also quickly saw measurable results doubling organic search traffic in 8 months with a boost of 8 times the top three rankings.

Digital marketing

GBA was paying for the full HubSpot marketing suite but barely using the full potential of this powerful tool. We introduced consistent email marketing and lead nurturing campaigns to build their brand and messaging with their target audiences of architects and general contractors.

Social media

The GBA marketing team really wanted to keep their social media programs in house. advancreative lent their expertise coaching their staff on ways to develop consistent branding and increase impact and engagement.

Graphic design

Prior to engaging advancreative, GBA’s look across all their marketing materials missed the mark to gain engagement from architects.  It lacked the modern, clean, cohesive design to present their iconic installations of glass. advancreative was able to redevelop all their marketing tools with a high-end look that showcased their products and services in the best possible way.

advancreative Rocks

“The ADVAN team have taken our marketing to the next level.”

Steve Boesch, Vice President of GBA Products