Holiday Email Marketing

‘Tis the season to take advantage of holiday email marketing! 

The holidays are a great opportunity to boost sales and celebrate big wins. If you haven’t already, it’s time to sit down and strategize how you’re going to approach this season. Every company knows the importance of holiday sales, so it’s up to you to stand out among the crowd. Email marketing is a great place to start.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective tools we have when it comes to marketing strategy. The key to productive email marketing is not only having a plan but using creativity to tailor your message to the right audience. When a customer has 100+ holiday emails in their inbox, you want to be the one they click on.

To get started on planning your holiday marketing emails, check out some of our best tips and tricks. You’ll be crafting email masterpieces in no time. 

May Your Emails Be Merry and Bright                                                                        

The first step toward building your holiday email marketing strategy is planning. First and foremost, decide which messaging you want to be sent out at which time, and then get into the details. Think about what will stand out: graphics, subject lines, holiday puns, etc. The best part about having a plan in place is that if you find yourself swamped with work around the holidays, you don’t need to worry about missing out on email marketing opportunities.

Another part of planning effective messaging is knowing your audience. Use data you’ve collected to split up your customers by age, sex, location, purchase history, or whatever makes the most sense. Then, customize messaging based on these factors. Maybe some groups respond better to more graphics and less text, or vice versa. Maybe certain emails should be formatted to accommodate phone screens. Understanding these differences is a great way to grow business because you’re talking directly to your customers. 

 When you think about the content in your emails, think about the mood of the holidays. Use language, images, and graphics that reflect the holiday mood. Keep in mind that not everyone celebrates Christmas, so brainstorm other symbols of the season. What fonts can you use that will stand out? How can you utilize graphics? What’s different about this year that you can focus on to have fresh messaging?

holiday email marketing strategy

Technical Aspects of Holiday Email Marketing

Aside from the creative aspect of holiday emails, there are some technical tips that can help you. 

When you think about language to use, think of power words that create a sense of urgency. Telling customers to “Hurry, get this deal before it’s gone!” is a great way to grab their attention. Other strategic words you can use are “sale,” “limited time offer,” and “once a year special.” 

You also want to think of ways to reward those who visit your website during the holidays. Use this time to expand reward offers, and promote that in your holiday email messaging. You should also consider making your emails interactive. Elements like carousels and countdowns grab a reader’s eye.

It may help to extend your holiday email marketing messaging beyond the emails you send. Update your website’s landing page to reflect the content you’re distributing via email. That way, when customers visit your website, they’re viewing the same type of content in the emails they receive from you. This sends a cohesive message and strengthens your brand. 


If your business needs help rethinking its digital marketing strategy, it may be time to connect with the experts at advancreative. We are a team of marketers and graphic designers based in Stow, Ohio, with a passion for building brand identity. Reach out to our email marketing experts today to get started on accomplishing your marketing goals.

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