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Creative Coach, SEO Expert

Dog Persona | Jack Russell


My mission is to always exude joy and enthusiasm in a way that makes others curious about the happiness that can come from living in a connected, creative world.

What makes me jump amazingly high with fun 360° spins is when our clients experience off-the-charts success through our services.

I love leaping and taking gravity-defying jumps. As I fly through the air I know my purpose, to develop a unique, fun, creative culture, amazing client experience, and transformative creativity programs.

My unique ability is unlimited idea flow and the ability to communicate. My unique path is to show the world how to align with their creative soul so they can unlock their true potential.

My greatest achievement is my litter of two wonderful pups, my two doctor daughters who are truly impacting this world. This could not have been possible without my wonderful husband, Super G and his unconditional support of my HUGE ideas.

My tail is wagging just thinking about the future we are building as an agency and the creative journey we are all on.

SEO Manager

Dog Persona | Greyhound

As a greyhound, I’m the embodiment of sleek efficiency and focused determination. With a keen analytical mind, I sniff out solutions with the precision of a well-trained tracker, always one step ahead of the pack. My calm demeanor is my superpower, allowing me to navigate the racetrack of life with graceful agility. Quick on my paws, I dash towards my goals with unmatched speed, yet always in control, making me a leading pup in any pack.

Social Media & Jr. Account Manager

Dog Persona | Great Pyrenees

What makes me this type of dog?

I’m a working dog through and through. I take pride in doing the best I can whether it’s helping my teammates or working solo. You can count on me to get things done, I’m man’s best friend for a reason, right?

While I’m normally easy-going in my daily routine, my brain switches from lists and tasks when the creative sparks start flowing. I may not show my enthusiasm by bouncing around, but you bet my eyes light up and my brain starts ticking. You can thank my herding dog instincts for always thinking three steps ahead.

Don’t let my calm exterior fool you, I’m a true pup at heart. Nothing makes me happier than making clients’ social soar and making those ideas come to life.

I may look like a fluffy house pet but I love getting my paws dirty learning new tricks, trends and practices in the digital world.

I love the cold, what can I say? Ohio is the place for me…

Guarding my flock of misfits and adopted family makes my soul happy. Who says cats and dogs can’t get along? I keep 5 cats and 2 horses (along with a bearded dragon and fish tank) safe, happy and healthy. I’m lucky to have my misfit-loving partner to make my household whole.

Words to describe my personality: Steadfast, Happy, Empathetic, Diligent

Content Manager

Dog Persona | Basset Hound

What makes me this type of dog?
They don’t require a lot of activity, which gives them plenty of time to be creative

They don’t require a lot of human interaction, but they’re good with people anyway

They are loyal and devoted to their humans

Additional Notes:
Basset Hounds are a good breed for young families because they’re sweet and gentle with small children, who happen to be my favorite people too.

Creative Director

Dog Persona | Golden Retriever Tried and True

Waiting at the door and drooling at the mouth, my curiosity is in full throttle anticipating the next creative project that I can sink my teeth into. But don’t worry, I won’t bite the hand that throws that next treat! I’ll roll in it, dig it up, sniff it all over, and love it like a wet sock.

Being super friendly, I play well with others. I’m a real people-pleaser. I become overexcited when any of our clients are praised with glorious attaboys! Success! Only then is it a job well done. I’m gentle, dependable, and loyal to the bone – and bonus, a great listener. My ears instantly perk up when I hear that golden word, “BRANDING”! Branding? What? Where? Who? When? Let’s go! I’ll guard it with my life – making sure to keep it on track.

Creative energy? There are no bounds! Hiking down the trail, playing in the snow, or running around the playground of creativity, you will find me unleashing that inner creative spirit – helping the pack make sure that our clients are groomed for success.

Now come on! Let’s play!.