Ohio Garage Interiors

Dreaming a garage floor into reality

Ohio Garage Interiors was a client of advancreative since 2011 when we launched the first website to promote its epoxy garage floor service. As the business grew, so did engagement and success with advancreative.


advancreative first met Chad and his father Scott in 2011 when he was considering leaving the franchise that they had been a part of to develop their own independent company. Over the years, Chad and Scott developed unique processes to install the most attractive, durable polyaspartic epoxy flooring in Ohio. Theirs is a true family business where their reputation for doing the job right is at the forefront of everything they do.

Chad’s background was graphic design, so the first site advancreative created was from his layouts. The second design, in 2016, was a joint design effort between Chad and advancreative’s design team. In 2021, OGI’s services were so far past the competition it was time for a new site that really showcased what his brand had evolved into. advancreative developed a site that looked better than any of the regional or national competition that was beginning to enter the Ohio market.

Chad was one of advancreative’s earliest SEO clients. He only dabbled with a very small budget. Then, in 2019, Chad increased his SEO budget and his traffic and leads doubled. In 2020, he invested in our top SEO packages and organic traffic increased by 15 times. Regionally he has 129 keyphrases in the number one spot and 382 phrases in the one to three spots on Google.

Digital marketing

Chad’s SEO efforts were augmented by email newsletters and Google Adwords paid advertising as competition increased.

advancreative created branded social media posts and a consistent posting cadence as well as paid social ads to expand his audience.

A Growing Company with a Small Business Feel

“What I liked about ADVAN was they’ve been very responsive to me with any sort of questions I have. They’re also very helpful with forward thinking about how I want to run my business. And they don’t tend to push many things on me, I still want to maintain a small business feel. They really helped me grow my business over the years.”

— Chad Gleske, President, Ohio Garage Interiors